Bang Bang

By Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (other events)

Saturday, November 5 2011 7:00 PM 9:00 PM
PHILADELPHIA PREMIERE - Violent content. Recommended for Ages 18+
Justin (rapper Thai Ngo), a troubled teen looking for a way out of gang life, takes refuge at the home of his best friend Charlie (David Huynh), a rich Taiwanese kid who lives in the nice part of town. Caught in the midst of teenage angst, gang life, and alienation, the two friends find themselves heading down two different paths of life. Bang Bang is a powerful, convincing, and terrifying look at teenage life and crime in Los Angeles.

Director Byron Q scheduled to attend

Preceded by The Wake Up Call
Director Sheridan O'Donnell
A man checks into a hotel and investigates strange noises emanating from the next room.

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